The Pumpkin King

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Merida being spectacular, and beautiful as ever!


Elsa by abear-andabow on Flickr.


Inspirational Disney 1/??


The original ride featured a scene where several pirates chased after giggling local ladies and one heavyset lady pursued a pirate. This particular tableaux has been changed several times to keep up with what modern guests felt was appropriate for a Disney park ride.
At one point, the heavyset lady was given a rolling pin to chase the pirate off. Later on, the ladies and the pursued pirate were given food items, changing the object of the pirates’ desires from the ladies themselves to the goodies they were carrying. The giggles were dropped from the soundtrack as well. Curiously, the bride auction scene remains unchanged.

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Concept art for 101 Dalmatians

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I must say I’m rather curious of who you are.

The bed of a 20 year old😂



Cinderella Pencil Test

When I first saw this, I actually teared up a little. The notes on the frames make it so much more amazing. That is true art.